Korean Style Buttercream & Bean Cream Flower Cake Workshop

by - July 19, 2017

It was a great experience and a fun treat to attend the Korean style buttercream & beancream flower cake intensive class by My Dear Cake Korea and My Flower Cake Hong Kong. Thank you to Ms Song and Ms Chan for their patience and detailed guidance. Thanks also to Val Bakery & Food Resources for holding this workshop.

My buttercream flowers are not perfect yet and I hope to improve with some practice.

Day 1 - Buttercream Crescent on 6 inch round dummy cake

Day 2 - Buttercream Wreath on 6 inch round real cake

Day 3 -  Buttercream Succulent plants on 6 inch dummy cake

Day 4 - Bean Cream Blossom on a real 6 inch round cake

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