Steamed Layered Sago Cake (Kuih Sago Lapis)





It has been a while since I’ve shared a recipe as I have been busy practicing Korean Buttercream flowers.

We were craving a soft, chewy and aromatic snack for afternoon tea break. Steamed layered sago cake with Pandan and Gula Melaka seemed like the ideal solution!

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400g sago

200g grated coconut, white part only

200g coconut milk

½ tsp salt


60g sugar (I used brown sugar)

6 tbsp concentrate pandan paste (please refer recipe here)


Gula Melaka Syrup:

150g gula melaka (palm sugar), chopped

45g water

2 pandan leaves, knotted


Utensils: 7 X 7 inch square pan



  1. Rinse and soak sago in water for 30 minutes.  Drain and strain.
  2. Prepare the gula melaka syrup:  Add gula melaka, water and pandan leave into a small saucepan.  Cook over low heat until palm sugar melt.  Sieve and set aside.
  3. Mix soaked sago, grated coconut, coconut milk and salt in a big bowl.  Separate into two portions.
  4. Portion A – Add Gula Melaka syrup into the first portion of sago mixture.  Mix well and set aside.
  5. Portion B – Mix the second portion of sago with pandan paste and sugar. Set aside.
  6. Line the 7 X 7 inch square pan (base and sides) with banana leave and lightly grease with oil.
  7. Pour portion A into the pan evenly and steam at a prepared steamer over medium heat for 15 minutes.  Remove pan from steamer and pour portion B evenly.  Return into steamer and steam for another 35 minutes until  sago turns translucent.
  8. Remove from steamer and let it cool.  Unmould and cut the sago kuih with a knife greased with little oil.



  1. I reduced the sugar in this recipe.  Please add more sugar if you like it sweeter.
  2. Sago kuih can be kept in fridge overnight in an airtight container. However, sago hardens in the fridge but can be restored by heating in a steamer before serving.

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