Fu Chok Yee Mai Pak Kor Tong Sui (Dried Bean Curd, Barley and Gingko Nuts Dessert)

    I had almost forgotten about this dessert until I saw Fu Chok sold in the market.  It is a great dessert to have during Chinese New Year with so much rich and greasy food. If you have any… Continue Reading

Prosperity Lucky Rolls

  Festive recipe sharing! I have been invited by Philips Malaysia to cook this Prosperity Lucky Rolls with the Philips Airfryer or Philips Airfryer with TurboStar Technology. The recipe is adapted from Chef Amy Beh with some modification.  The original… Continue Reading


  Steamed Layered Sago Cake (Kuih Sago Lapis)! I made Kuih Sago Lapis again with a slightly modified recipe. I used dark brown sugar instead of Gula Melaka and doubled the amount of pandan paste.  The color of dark brown… Continue Reading