Hello, I am Yeanley. Welcome to Bake With Paws!


I am originally from Penang but I am now living in Kuala Lumpur. I like to bake, cook and I enjoy photographing the results. I am especially fond of my late mother’s Penang Nyonya food.

My love for baking and cooking began when I was a child through helping my mum and granny prepare meals for the family. My passion continued to grow after getting married as I now have the opportunity to cook for my family.

This blog is to share the recipes that I have tried and were successful. I am sure you can do it too.



And this is our lovely cat, Mikki! The name “Bake With Paws” is inspired by him. He is always waiting for me by the kitchen when I am cooking or baking.


I would also like you to meet Bella, she’s a new addition to our family. Bella is a Scottish fold and Munchkin cross with very sweet character.

Thank you for stopping by!