Fu Chok Yee Mai Pak Kor Tong Sui (Dried Bean Curd, Barley and Gingko Nuts Dessert)

by - July 20, 2017

I had almost forgotten about this dessert until I saw Fu Chok sold in the market.  It is a great dessert to have during Chinese New Year with so much rich and greasy food.

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Recipe - Fu Chok Yee Mai Pak Kor Tong Sui


100g Fu Chok (dried bean curd), washed
2400 ml water
100g barley, wash and drain
50 – 60 gingko nuts, remove shell, skin and centre bitter part.
60g – 80g rock sugar or brown sugar
6 - 8 pandan leaves, wash and tied into a knot
2 eggs, beaten

  1. In a big pot, bring the water to boil, add in the barley and gingko nuts.  Simmer for 30 minutes till barley is soft.
  2. Add in Fu Chok and pandan leaves and simmer for another 30 minutes until Fu Chok breaks into small pieces.
  3. Discard the pandan leaves.  Add in rock sugar and stir till sugar dissolve.
  4. Slowly pour in the whisked eggs and stir gently.  Turn off the heat and ready to serve.


I just learnt a trick from an Aunty at the shop, how to cook Fu Chok so that it dissolves and becomes liquid. Her hint was to soak the Fu Chok in alkaline water (add Bicarbonate Soda in water) for an hour till soft and  rinse it with water before cooking.  I will try this next time round as I only got to know this after cooking it.

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  1. Dear BwP,
    What is the Calories & Nutritional content of this dessert? I am struggling to find this information !
    Thanks Nick

    1. Hi Nick,
      Thank you for asking. Unfortunately I don't the answer. I am just sharing a recipe and do not have the nutritional information.
      Cheers :)