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Pandan Mochi

May 05, 2018 | Recipe by Bake with Paws
Pandan Mochi

Pandan Mochi

Pandan Glutinous Rice Balls wrapped with peanut filling.  Sometimes we call it Lo Mai Chi in Cantonese. 

This mochi is really yummy. My hubby ate four in one go and I had to stop him from eating too many. Thank you to My Little Favourite DIY for sharing this recipe.  This recipe was slightly modified to suit my family’s taste. It can be kept in a cool area for around 2 days without going bad. Mochi goes hard in the fridge, so refrigerating it is not recommended. In any case, I doubt they will be around for very long! 

I always wondered how Mochi were made and I enjoyed the rewarding discovery to learn this. Wrapping mochi with the filling will be a challenge if you have never done it before.  However, it is not difficult if you follow the steps I am sharing below.

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Recipe - Pandan Mochi

Yields:  20 Mochi


250g glutinous rice flour (sticky rice flour)
40g caster sugar
300ml pandan juice (blend 15 pandan leaves with 300ml water, squeeze the juice)

100g rice flour

200g raw unshelled peanuts
35g brown sugar
2 tbsp toasted sesame seeds
¼ tsp sea salt


To prepare the skin:
  1. Bake the rice flour (100g) in the preheated oven at 150C for 20 minutes.  Leave aside to cool.
  2. In a heat proof bowl, combine pandan juice, sugar and glutinous rice flour (250g), mix well until become smooth mixture. Steam at low heat for 1 hour.  
  3. Once is cooked, stir the cooked mochi mixture with a wooden spatula.  Let it cool completely before wrapping.  I cooked my mochi dough one day before, cover with cling film and leave it cool overnight.
To prepare the peanuts filling:
  1. Roast unshelled peanut in Philips Airfryer at 130C for 10 - 15 minutes OR spread unshelled peanuts in baking tray, bake in the preheated oven at 170C for 15 to 20 minutes.  
  2. Remove peanut into a wide shallow dish or tray to cool completely.   Rub in between your thumb and fingers to remove the skin and blow off the skin.
  3. Pulse the roasted peanuts in a blender till it resembles coarse crumbs.  
  4. In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients for filling together.
  5. With grove on, squeeze the peanuts filling into a small ball.  Make 20 balls, approximately 12g each ball.  Set aside.
To wrap:
  1. Sift some cooked rice flour onto the table top.  Scrap the mocha mixture with a plastic scrapper to the floured surface. 
  2. Cut the mochi with the scrapper into 20 equal portions.  You may use weighing scale if you want to be more accurate.  It’s about 28g per portion.
  3. Lightly cover your hands with cooked rice flour, flatten out a piece of mocha into a disk. Place the peanuts ball in the centre and gather the edge to seal (like wrapping char siew pau) and form a ball. Coat with cooked rice flour and serve.
Enjoy your mochi.

  1. To make original mochi, just replace 300ml of pandan juice with water.



  1. Hi,is it possible to replace pandan juice with pandan extract of bottle? Pandan leaves are not very easy to reach in UK. Thanks alot

    1. Hi, thank you for dropping by. I would advise you to make original mochi instead. I am not sure how is the taste of pandan extract from bottle. Original mochi is very nice too. Just replace pandan juice with water.


  2. Hi, can we use cooked glutinous rice flour instead? tq.

    1. Hi Delia,

      Sorry I don't really understand your question. The cooked glutinous rice flour is used during wrapping stage to prevent your hand and mochi from sticking together.


  3. Hi, the cooked glutinous rice flour i mean is the one used for making snowskin mooncake. Can we use that instead? Tq

  4. Sorry, what i mean to say is for the skin instead of steaming, we use the cooked glutinous rice flour and mix together only

    1. Hi Delia,

      I am not too sure. Maybe it works and maybe not. I think the result will be different.


    2. Hi Delia,

      May I know did u try using cooked glutinous rice flour ? I am curious to know too.☺️

  5. Replies
    1. Hi, sorry I am not sure because I finished by the next day morning. It doesn't content coconut products and I guess should be able to keep for 1 - 2 days in aircond room.

  6. Hi Can one use peanut butter for filling of mocha?

    1. Hi, It is up to you. But, maybe abit hard to wrap if using peanut butter.

      Cheers :)


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