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Thai Curry Mud Crab

August 17, 2018 | Recipe by Bake with Paws

My mother-in-law bought mud crab again.  This time she managed to get them for a really cheap price that worked out to approximately RM10.00 per crab.  The seller asked her to take all 6 crabs and offered her this special price.  They were all medium sized.  I cooked 3 on the same day for dinner and kept the rest in the freezer.  Luckily I am not the one who needs to do the killing and freezing. 

This time I cooked the crabs in a Thai Curry style that we have tried in Bangkok and we just love the sauce. The original recipe includes evaporated milk but I decided to omit that to avoid processed products as much as possible. I used coconut milk instead and it probably tastes even better!

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Thai Curry Mud Crab Recipe


3 medium or 2 big mud crabs, cut and cleaned
2 cloves garlic, minced
1 big onion, sliced thickly 
1 red chilli, cut diagonally
A bunch spring onion, cut 1 inch long
A bunch cilantro, cut 1 inch long
2 – 3 tbsp cooking oil

For the sauce:
2 eggs, whisked
200g coconut milk
1 tsp curry powder (I used fish curry powder)
2 tsp fish sauce or to taste
1 1/2 tsp brown sugar or to taste

  1. In a mixing bowl, combine all the ingredients for the sauce (except whisked eggs) together.  Then add in the whisked eggs and mix well.  Set aside.
  2. In a wok or cast iron (Dutch oven), heat up the oil and add in garlic and onion.  Stir fry until soft and add in crabs.  Then cook with lid on for about 6 minutes or until the crabs are cooked.  The shell will turn to orangish red when it is cooked.  
  3. Pour in the sauce, stir well and make sure all the crabs are coated with sauce. Cook until the sauce becomes slightly thicken and cooked. Off the heat, dish out into a serving dish, sprinkle with spring onion and coriander.  


Please do not overcook the sauce as it will become curdle. Off the heat when it is slightly thicken.


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